Compliance and Disclosure

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm registered with SEBI since March 2014.


We have no history of any non-compliance with any regulatory authority. Status can be obtained from complaint status on the website.

RIA’s spouse is a major stakeholder in a Private Limited Financial Distribution Company. All investments by the RIA are made for all Investors in Direct/Non commission mode only with no fees/revenue sharing with any other third party. Any Assets under Advice held in Distribution mode are historical and RIA charges no fees on them.

Information to be provided as specified by SEBI

  • Complete name of Investment Adviser: Maxie Jose
  • Type of Registration: Proprietor (Trade Name: Affluenz Wealth Advisors)
  • Registration number: INA200001231
  • Validity of registration: Perpetual starting from Mar 12, 2014 (Re-issued on 28 Sep 2021)
  • Correspondence Address: MIG 386, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Ernakulam - 682036
  • Correspondence Email address:
  • Phone Number: +919494218492 (Note: Business enquiries by potential clients and others is preferable through the email id provided above)

SEBI Local Office

6th Floor, Finance Tower, Kaloor, Kochi - 682017, Kerala Tel. Board:+91-0484-2404100/ 2404200 Fax: +91-0484-2404100 E-mail: